Changing the color of the car by either partial or full foil wrapping. It provides an unlimited possibility to change the appearance of your car using innovative foils called ‘wylewonumi’. In contrast to the traditional painting, foil wrapping gives an additional opportunity to return to the original color at any given time. Thanks to this, the color of your car can be alternated as many times as you want. We currently possess around 200 foil colors and the biggest problem when choosing the color of the foil is simply imagination.

Changing the color of your car is a great way to: refresh the appearance, safeguard your paint and most importantly will allow you to stand out from the crowd by having a stylish and modern design.

Car Wrapping Benefits:

  1. Quick (4-5 days depending on the type of the foil)
  2. Cheaper (usually twice cheaper than traditional painting)
  3. Exclusive (huge selection of custom colours)
  4. Exceptional (after application of the foil, your car becomes one-of-a-kind and very unique)
  5. Practical (foil helps to protect the paint from minor technical and mechanical damages caused by weather conditions, the quality of roads, cleaning/washing or ordinary use. With the renovation of the car, only damaged pieces of the foil are to be replaced)
  6. Removal (the foil can always be removed in order to bring back the original color).