The company FCD ‘Foil Car Design’ offers its customers high-quality products – Car Wrapping, which allows you to create a unique appearance of your car.

Car wrapping, protects the original paint against all weather conditions , paint vanishing as well as UV radiation. At the time of removal of the foil the coating paint will remain the same like before the wrapping took place. Additionally the wrapping service, increases the value of your car at the time of resale despite the lapse of years.

In contrast to any paint, the foil can be effortlessly removed from your car which allows you to wrap, wrap and once again wrap your car.


motor show fair

On June 25-26, another big event was presented to us, including Land Rover – Toxic Green, Nissan 350 – Carbon Monza, Audi Q7 – Toxic Green. It was very nice to answer your questions. We especially liked the question “is this color a foil”? Answer: Yes, all the presented cars have metamorphosis in a proper and professional way, which we could boast of. Only correct installation of film can not distinguish whether it is a varnish or film. Unfortunately all of us failed to talk because at the fair we also ran a presentation of the art of vinyl film on the car body. There was something to look at in the pictures.


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