Paint protection is a form of safeguarding your paint with the help of  transparent foil. This form of wrapping the car shall be applied not only to protect ordinary, but also sport, SUVs and luxury vehicles.

 What is Paint Protection?

It is a special procedure of wrapping, using a transparent foil for parts of the car body. This foil does not pass UV radiation as well protects and preserves car’s original appearance. This form is often used by the owners of sports and SUVs cars. Most common elements to be protected: bumpers, hood and fenders. Occasionally it is also used on the whole car. In addition, applying the transparent foil on the bodywork of your car brings out the best out of the original color and provides an immaculate gloss.

Purpose and properties of the protection foli:

  • Protects the paint form scratches
  • Protects the paint from different road conditions and ordinary use
  • Protects against weather conditions (salt, stones, sand, UV, bird droppings)
  • Not visible to an eye
  • Can be applied and removed without any traces
  • Does not change the colour and structure of the original paint